What Do I Need For International Travel

What Do I Need For International Travel

February 23, 2020

We at Gypsee thank you for selecting us for your first international adventure.  It is a strong hope you will find your time abroad to be satisfying and certainly worth a second adventure.  We also want you to invite friends should you go again. These are Gypsee’s recommendations for what you need for international travel.

Before you jet off, you will need to have a few things in order.  Most of these are common sense, but they are important. We want you to enjoy yourself and not be stuck with a serious problem.

We always recommend checking on the latest information from the Department of State.  They keep a regularly updated page of information on each country and its current state.  Of course, we strongly recommend not going if there is a travel advisory of any sort. Fortunately, the locations Gypsee has selected for you are generally safe.  This does not mean you need to be aware, but we will cover that in a later blog.

PASSPORT – This is absolutely vital.  You will find our blog on how to expedite the process here.  

U.S. CONSULATE – This is a very important part of your international travel.  The consulate is there to help and protect you as a U.S. citizen when in another country.  A full list of U.S. embassies is available here.  Mexico has a consulate in Cozumel.  An extensive list of information is available for you to read.  It is recommended you do so.

INSURANCE – Most U.S. insurances are not valid in other countries.  There is a supplement insurance program available that is inexpensive.

SIM CARD – Your phone may or may not work in Mexico.  Take the extra step and get a SIM card.  Naturally, Gypsee will want you to post pictures of your adventures on your Persona page to share with friends, family and other adventurers.

MEDICATIONS – If you take medication for any reason, make sure you have a full supply for the time you will be there.  Be on the safe side, and plan for about two to three days longer than you feel you will need.

GLASSES/CONTACT LENS – If you wear either, take backups if you have them.

PACK – Leave your fancy jewelry, if you have any, at home somewhere safe.  While you want to enjoy yourself as you are abroad, thieves are opportunists.  A large club, busy train or bus is the perfect opportunity for you to be robbed, and you will have no resources to speak of after the fact.  You should have a good idea of what clothes you will need to take, but we will cover this for you in another blog as well.

MONEY – It is a good idea to have about $50.00 in the local currency.  You can always find a place to exchange later on. Check with your bank or credit card company on what to do if your cards are lost or stolen.  Most 1-800 numbers may not work internationally, but there is a way to contact either when abroad. Also, check up on exchange rates. These can vary from day to day.

This is certainly not all of what you need for international travel. Rest assured, Gypsee will have plenty of blogs available for you with helpful information on all aspects of your adventures you will enjoy as a Gypsee subscriber, 50 Elite member or Scarlet Distinction ambassador.

Gypsee, as you know, is all about the adventure and the experience.  We have set up an adventure to the coast of Mexico for you to have the best of the best.  What are you waiting for? Become a subscriber, invite your friends and start the process of your Mexico adventure today.


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