Hotel, Hostel or AirBnB – Gypsee has the answer.

Hotel, Hostel or AirBnB – Gypsee has the answer.

February 22, 2020

It is time to book your adventure with Gypsee.  Your friends have agreed on an adventure location, and the date is set for the departure.  As part of the Gypsee experience, you and your friends are pre-booked into a hotel. Here are the main reasons Gypsee prefers a hotel over hostels or AirBnB’s.


A hotel is going to meet your basic needs like towels, fitness room, breakfast and the like.  Hostels expect you to have your own; AirBnB’s will have towels, but they belong to the host family.  You will be using someone else’s towel.


Hostels are normally dorm like with bunk beds and nowhere to store your personal belongings and/or valuables.  AirBnB’s mean the owner, and whoever else, has a key to the home while you are out. Hotels often have small safes.  Entrants into the room are limited to housekeeping and management.


Again, hostels have large, open rooms with bunk beds and often, collective showers and facilities.  Some are even co-ed. You are in the shower, and a complete stranger comes in for their morning or evening rituals.  Sound comfortable?


Hostels often kick people out at a certain time every day.  This means at about 11 a.m. you are out on the street until the hostels open again later on that day.  This is great for some, because they can do things for the day. If you are a night owl or are not in the mood to be disturbed, this can be a serious problem.  AirBnB’s will not kick you out, but you are still in someone else’s home/apartment. Your hotel is yours until you check out. Stay in, sleep in and do what you will as long as you will.


Hotels, at least the ones Gypsee books for you, will often have a complimentary breakfast and possibly a restaurant attached.  Hostels will have small kitchens stocked with basics but no real food. AirBnB’s may have some groceries available, but do you want to cook on your adventure?


Hostels will have various people of all sorts staying in them.  AirBnB’s are pretty much just you and your friends. A hotel will have other guests, but there is an above average chance that some of the others present will be fellow Gypsee subscribers looking forward to meeting up with you and your friends for quests and adventures.  Your Persona will be available to everyone participating, and here is the perfect chance to make new friends!

Gypsee is all about the adventure, and to that end, Gypsee makes sure you are covered 100 percent from the flight to the hotel.  This way you can enjoy your adventure without serious concern. There is no reason for you to worry about choosing a hotel, hostel or Airbnb.

How can Gypsee help you with your next adventure and Travel With Friends: Simplified?


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