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February 22, 2020

Welcome, adventurer, to the first ever Gypsee blog!  We at Team Gypsee want to take a moment and thank you for being a part of the future of travel and are excited about what the future will hold for you and us.  It is a goal to have you traversing the entire globe within a year on the same great deals that we are offering now – plus some! It is an exciting time.

To that end, we want to share with you a few things you need to know of as you become a Gypsee travel subscription member.  We are always on hand to answer questions for you and take great pride in our customer-focused customer service approach. Difficult only starts our day; impossible just takes us a bit longer.

There are a few things we want to clarify for you as a Gypsee subscriber before you take off on your first excursion and adventure.  

  1. Adventures – Gypsee does NOT want you lounging at the pool during your trip or sitting on the beach all day.  These are fine to do for a day or so, but Gypsee is about the entire experience. We want you out and about in the city/countryside/etc.  
  2. Quests – Part of the adventure is the quest element we have in mind.  Granted, this may not be in 100 percent at the beginning, but over time, quests will be an integral part of the Gypsee experience.  Quests will take you out and about like we said above. Quests may be incredibly easy or make you want to pull your hair out.
  3. Friends – We all should have friends.  Man, as in the human race, is a social being.  We are made to be around other people. Gypsee wants you around other people who have a similar love of travel and being out.
  4. Other Gypsee subscribers – There may come a time when you want to set out on your own.  This is great. You may find, as you do, that you will encounter other Gypsee subscribers on your adventure.  This is a perfect time to make a new friend and create even more great memories – how cool is that?
  5. Build your persona – As you complete your quests and earn your Conquest points, Gypsee wants you to share!  Post your adventure quest results on the board, race to the top against other Gypsee subscribers and see if you can be the best of the best!

Meanwhile, Gypsee wants to hear from you!  What are some locations, activities and adventures you think would be great for another subscriber?  Let us know. We are going to be constantly looking into different locations for adventures. A big plan is something for the winter and winter sports – think skiing, snowboarding and the like in the West.  It will not matter where you and your friends live because Gypsee does all it can to get you and them together as soon as possible from all over the continental U.S.

Thank you for being a Gypsee subscriber.  Remember: Travel With Friends: Simplified.


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