Isn’t Gypsy offensive?

Isn’t Gypsy offensive?

July 6, 2019

Sadly, when most people hear the word, “gypsy,” they think of shady people who live in caravans, steal and even kidnap babies.

Nothing can be farther from the truth.

The Gypsy people, Romani as they prefer to be called, are anything but.  In fact, the Gypsy people are known for living huge lives, having incredible events of joy and laughter and believe a life should be lived to its absolute fullest each day and every day.

One thing that may have a ring of truth behind it is the fact the Romani do not have an official home.  Many have settled down in various locations and established themselves. Many more own successful businesses and may live or work next door to you.  Again, most of the stigma associated with the Romani people has all but died away.

Lacking an official homeland has meant the Romani people have spent most of their generations traveling from place to place, city to city looking for a way to earn a small living.  

It is this love of adventure and travel that made us choose Gypsee as a name for our travel app.  The explicit goal of the app is to open up a world of adventure, travel, friendships – old and new- and create memories that will last for many, many years after.

This is what makes us so different from the other travel apps and travel websites available.  We believe that travel should be an adventure with new places to explore, learn about and see.  There are unique cultures and people to be seen and learned from, exotic and beautiful locations that must be experienced – not simply seen in a video.

What about you and your firends?  Are you tired of the same old, mundane vacation, trip or excuse to get a way for a while?  Chances are you have “been there’ done that.”

Why not step away; have everyone be responsible for themselves and just go?

This is what Gypsee is all about.  We will offer a list of curated, pre-designed trips for you and your friends.  Sign up, make the easy payments with flexible payment plans and when done, show up at your airport.  Gypsee will have everything else done for you except meet your friends and make memories.

When you do get back and have had the time of your life, be sure to update your persona on the app or website.  This way you can track your experiences and adventures. You can also meet up with other adventurers on location for a new adventure quest and conquest points.

So, how can Gypsee help you Travel With Friends: Simplified?

  1. Andrew Fashion
    February 22, 2020


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  2. Andrew Fashion
    February 22, 2020

    Awesome post Bryan!

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  3. Shag Chafin
    February 23, 2020

    This is really neat learning about the Gypsy people. I see why you chose the name.

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